Ember Dev Blog, Part 2!

Here I am again, doing the things. I was up really late last night and it totally wiped me out today. With various medications, medical conditions, and gaming obligations, I really didn’t do a lot. An unanticipated computer reboot took some data out of a text file I was working on, and I’ve managed to rebuild it, along with finding a rather egregious oversight in Act IV of Mine. At least that’s fixed.

I’m doing a playtest of Mine at a local bookstore in Walnut Ridge, which is the next town over of any consequence. We’re just starting Act III, and I anticipate a lot of really ugly combat. I can’t wait! Technically I should be able to finish running the adventure through to the denouement, even though it’s not all written down. In fact, the denouement is the only thing that’s not done. I should be running the game from 1:00 – 5:00 PM, and then hopefully be home by 6:00 …if they don’t keep me there chatting for awhile. That happens sometimes and I’m honestly glad they care enough to do so.

You may be wondering what my list of chores looks like, so here it is:

[ ] Finish “Mine”. God have I written THAT line a hundred times. But do it!
[x] Front Cover
[x] Introduction
[x] Act I
[x] Act II
[o] Act III
[ ] Mining Camp Map
[ ] Mine Map
[x] Act IV
[ ] Denouement
[ ] Back Cover
[ ] Alter Weapons & Armor Guide to remove references to yards and replace them with feet
[ ] Finish “A Giant Pain”
[ ] Print “Frostwind Grotto” for sale at bookstores
[ ] Print “A Dark and Stormy Knight” for sale at bookstores
[ ] Canticles of Dawn
[ ] Divine Entropy
[ ] Leaves of Nanawen
[ ] Clerics – Write material for the lore section
[ ] Finish “The Secret of Rotting Willow”
[o] Remaster The Chronicles of Ember Player’s Guide
[x] Add item weights to table 7.4
[x] Change paragraph indent to 0.24″ throughout
[x] Alter “Alignment” sections in chapter 3 to allow any alignment the Loremaster permits
[o] Align the tables in chapters 2, 4, and 7 properly with tabs.
[ ] Table of Contents for CoE PG pdf.
[o] Color the following races
[x] Gnooshe
[o] Half-Orc
[ ] Human
[ ] Preserver
[ ] Fairborn
[ ] Greenblood
[ ] Halfblood
[ ] Redblood
[ ] Waterfolk

[ x ] means it’s done. [ o ] means I’m working on it. [ ] means I haven’t even started yet. The list can be padded out much farther, but I’ve chosen to stick to the already unreasonable scope at hand. Boy, that sounds like a “This Old Tony” line, doesn’t it? If you don’t know who he is, look him up. He’s one of the most entertaining pair of hands on YouTube with a makers channel.

That being said, I sure wish I had a team that could help me get some of this done. I don’t need artists per se, and I don’t need “idea guys” that just think up work for me to do. I need people that can do things with very little supervision and help me actually get products out the door. This is apparently a very big ask.
If you or anybody you know would like to actually help me, then please get in touch. We’ll split profits and all that stuff.

That’s all I’ve got for tonight. Got a big game tomorrow! I’ll let you know how it goes.
— Alan

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