Ember Dev Blog, Part 11!

Now that the Player’s Guide is finished and on its way to me, I’m sleeping better. Between the crunch being over (well, that part of it anyway), and my CPAP machine, I. Feel. Great! I’m also having trouble getting my head in this today for some reason. I just want to play video games and/or watch YouTube, but that’s a horrible time-sink.
Brain fog.

Wrote Cotti Lemongrass, Tender Kris Stein, Reverent Rinda Unimanus, Dobi Greencut, Grondar, Bridgette Bailey, Bella Tailwagger, Shagar Blood-eye, Amada “Killer” Keller, Blute ban Lorlak, High Priestess Rachel Morin, Ingeld Buca, Otis the Long, Bugi Regillenesis, Aaron Ward, Omari, and Aki Hiroto.

Stopping here to refresh my brain meats. I’ve written just over 5 pages of text today, and if that’s good enough for Stephen King, it’s good enough for me. I might come back to it later tonight, but no promises. I’m trying to find out what happened to Bugi’s gang. CONSULTING CHATGPT!!

Damn. That worked. Again, since this is ChatGPT it will require some rewriting – and more than a little – but man can that thing be an idea factory. This brings the total written text to just over 9 pages for the day, and that’s it. I’m calling it. All that’s left to do is figure XP awards, polish up the new magic items and new spells listings, and address the Unresolved Mysteries section. A dedication and credits page needs to happen as well, but I’m feeling good about this. Right now I’m 7 pages under budget at 121, so that makes me happy. I’ll sort this stuff out tomorrow.

Nap nap


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