Ember Dev Blog, Part 13!


Oh my god. It’s done. MINE finally got out the door as an EBOOK for $9.95 and I don’t have to write on it anymore. No more layouts, no more working on the story… it’s just plain old done and now I can move on to other projects like… uhm… the sequel?
Heh, yeah, there’s a sequel called “Iron Man”, and it’s mostly written, if not written down. It won’t be another 128 page beast like this, and I don’t think I want to make another adventure quite this large. I’m going to try and stick to 25-pages-or-less… or whatever the closest power of 2 would be.


I’ve got a whole day to relax before I have to start gearing up for NEA Game Fest 2023, but I think I’ll be okay. It’s going to be a monster of a week, that’s for sure. No development is expected, but I’ll still update here to let everyone know what’s going on, especially if anything interesting happens. But for my next project… hmm. I could beat “A Dark and Stormy Knight” into shape for download here on the website. I want it to look at least as good as Frostwind Grotto. After that? Probably something easy like a re-tread of old materials I made in college. The Canticles of Dawn and Divine Entropy – the Book of Mordain the Stormbringer come to mind. I’ve got tools that will make pulling spells from the new lists a breeze, so that’s a week of work shaved off of each one right there.


I’m running low on ISBNs. I need two per book and they’re hardly cheap. The best deal I can find (for real ones I can trust) is $600 for 1,000 of them. That’s cash I don’t have on-hand at the moment, but I’ll figure something out.
Also, how many publications do I need to have ready to go? I suppose I could do them up and sit on them until I’ve got my ISBNs. So how many to push out? 3 per year? 5 per year? I really don’t have that answer. I know I’m tired of running the same games all the time, but if people like it then I’ll give them the best show I can!


A big milestone was crossed today, much to the relief of everyone within pissing distance of me. I’ve promised Mine would be out “soon” for literally years now, and I’m more than ready to move on from it. I poured my heart and soul into that adventure. Now I just hope it’s good.


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