Ember Dev Blog, Part 27!

Had to do a WordPress Database update. The CMS is still slow.
I woke up this morning to find that the print copy of Cookie! (A Horror Story) was rejected on August 5th by LightningSource because it was missing files. The files I gave to DTRPG for printing. I also discovered that it was accepted on August 8th and is ready for proofing. I haven’t uploaded or changed anything. LOL It looks like they goofed while they were busy playing around at GenCon. I’ve ordered a proof copy.
I also took the liberty of seeing just how much text I generated last night for these monster entries. It turns out it was substantial. Something like 30 pages of 8.5 x 11 copy. When shrunk down to 5.25 x 8 (your standard novel size), it comes to 71 pages worth of copy! Holy shit, no wonder I’m tired. I slept most of the day away after going to bed at around 8 AM. I guess I needed it after that workout.
I plan to hit it again tonight and just get the outlines done. I’ll go back and punch it all up later, but let it be later. I’ll try to finish the C’s by 8 AM tomorrow. I might knock off early though; there’s no need to kill myself like I’m up against a deadline. I’ve already published 3 items this year, so I can relax a bit.

All this automation was supposed to give us more leisure time, but all it does is make us try to get even more done, faster.

I love my job.

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