Ember Dev Blog, Part 35!

I made the mistake of doing some market research today. I looked at (for the first time, if you can believe it) the 5E DMG and Monster Manual to see what the Loyal Opposition was doing. And I was blown away. Just looking at the Monster Manual alone made me feel very small and alone. The layout, design, and art direction are in a whole other league from what I’m doing, and I’m more than a little intimidated. I’m honestly not sure how to compete. Then again, there were over 20 people working on it before you count the actual illustrators, and that includes not one, but TWO lead designers (however that works).
I’m outnumbered.
I want to make something this comprehensive and cohesive. But I’ve only got one brain, and we all know how well that thing works.

I’m in a part of writing where I’m throwing stuff away. I’ve decided that all entries have to fit on two pages, and that means clearing a lot of superfluous information from each one. The content is fun stuff, but it’s just got to go. I’m not able to put everything into each entry because that would make for a 600+ page book, and nobody is going to buy it for what I’d have to have for one.
For added fun and adventure, I just showed my work to someone I grew up with and he basically told me that it sucks. I’d mentioned I wasn’t happy with how it’s coming, but wow… Another speed bump on the road. That wasn’t fun.
This is decidedly a low point.

Apparently my work sucks?

I love my job. Just not as much right now.

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