Ember Dev Blog, Part 4!

I’ve decided that I have to get the 1.0 Player’s Guide to the print shop by June 23rd. That means all other work stops until that gets done. I’ll still do Frozen Tracks on Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM Central, but all production work will be on the book.

I just knocked out the colorized version of the Half-Orc. It’s up here in the ⁠artwork channel. I’ve done the base colors for the Alveschi for the player’s guide (which replaces an awesome beholder that I can’t use because WotC has declared it to be “quintessential D&D”. It’s even on a list of creatures they reserve exclusivity for along with the owlbear and the rhemorhaz.
Also, I have finished the base colors for the Human, and I’ve redrawn the bastard sword to have a more CAD drafting aesthetic, which I prefer and think looks more pleasing. In all honesty I drew the other one too, but the new version is my favorite. This leaves me with 5 images that are untouched, with only one being from Temaree (my favorite to colorize!), and the majority being from Tony Foster. I need to get in touch with him again.

As I write this, a tornado warning is in effect. My phone is going crazy with alerts from the NWS. In keeping with tradition, I am ignoring these warnings along with most of the rest of the local population.

Bethany Pritchard-Torres and her husband Sam came by today and we met up with some friends for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. I had a good time, and Sam and I shared a lot of images and artwork we’ve been doing in our private lives. I probably needed the break, but I sure wish I could’ve gotten more done today. This week is short enough as-is, and tomorrow got booked solid via ambush. I have to be at the hospital in Jonesboro for a blood flow test in my feet prior to surgery, give a blood sample at another clinic in town whenever I get there, and go to another place at 1:30 for an optical exam that got scheduled over 6 months ago and I’d completely forgotten about and didn’t put in my calendar. And oh yeah, They all asked me to run a game for them tomorrow at 3-ish. I said yes. Must be the brain worms.

My deadlkne is Friday.

Again, my deadline for this Player’s Guide 1.0 is this Friday the 23rd. And when I say “deadline” I mean I have to have this guide through Preflight and sent to DriveThru RPG by no later than Midnight on the 24th. I desperately want it done before then if I can do it at all. If I don’t make it, I can’t guarantee my books will be in by the time NEA Game Fest begins and I won’t have any to sell. And speaking of games…

I’ve got the game tomorrow that I should’ve said no to, but didn’t. This Saturday I’ve been volun-told that I’m running something at Free RPG Day in Walnut Ridge at Eclectic Geekery. I can’t say no, because that’s how you make people not want to come see you and buy your stuff – or so I’m told in not-so-many words. I have no idea what I’m going to run, and I haven’t even hewn out a time slot. I’ll try to run between the raindrops and grab a 4-hour slice and give them something most of them haven’t seen before. I’ve got a couple of guys who come to my games regularly and I don’t want to bore them. That means I just might have to do something brand new. That isn’t written yet. And have it ready. By Saturday. GAAAH!

No pressure. No pressure at all. I’ll do this. I’m just screaming into the void as a kind of therapy, I suppose. And why should I complain? This is exactly what I always dreamed about doing: Being a popular guy with a popular game and everybody wants to play. Sometimes you don’t know when you’re well-off.

See you again tomorrow!


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