Ember Dev Blog, Part 5!

It’s been a couple of days, but I’m back at work again. I’ve pulled a few all-nighters to try and get this project out the door by my self-imposed deadline, and I’m doing another one tonight. So far I’ve managed to finish (in order of appearance in the book) the Gnooshe, the Half-Orc, the Alveschi, the Human, the Preserver, an Anatomy of the “Bastard” Sword, the Fairborn, the Redblood, and the Waterfolk. That’s a lot. I even threw in a “Team Waterfolk” image as a joke (it’s in the ⁠artwork channel, along with a few examples I’ve listed). The greenblood and the Halfblood are left to go before I can sign off on Chapter 3, and I should have them finished by dawn.
Some of you might be asking why I didn’t press on through yesterday and finish those last two items. There’s a simple answer: 1) I was too drained to do a good job and 2) (the simple answer seems to have grown a complication, hasn’t it?) My vision is crap right now. I’m late for a treatment at the Ophthalmologist (spellcheck?) and my retinas are swollen. It’s not painful, but everything is a blur. It comes and goes though, so I can do some stuff. I’m also working under extreme desktop magnification

Friday: I’m going to do my level-best to have the new Player’s Guide 1.0 and its cover produced and formatted for sending to the printers. I’ll be fussing with Adobe Illustrator to get this done, and I’m not the most familiar with it. I’ve used it successfully in the past, but I always anticipate problems. Rarely am I disappointed.
Saturday: This is Free RPG Day, and I’m both stoked and a little bit exhausted. I’m going to start here in Paragould at the Foundry at 10:00 AM and run until 2:00 PM. Then I’m scheduled to be at Eclectic Geekery in Walnut Ridge to run again from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM. I’ll be doing “Cookie! (A Horror Story)” both games.
I’ll likely spend Sunday recovering and planning my next project, which will be Mine. I’ve just got the Denouement to write and it’s ready to go to print too. After that? Hmm. I could launch into “A Giant Pain” pr any of those other items on my “Tp Do” list in an earlier post. We’ll see.

Can’t sleep. CLowns will eat me. Can’t sleep. Clowns will eat me….

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