Ember Dev Blog, Part 15!

Today was supposed to be a programming day, and it still might wind up being one. But I’ve been looking over Mass-IV trying to skoosh a “Given Weapon” bug that doesn’t tabulate things correctly, and the inclusion of the skill for said weapon is a toss-up at best. Sometimes it gives it to the character, other times it does not. I’ve determined that the variable is set and is then becoming unset, but the logic just doesn’t make any sense. And I wrote this thing. I’ve locked down every variable I could think of to make consistent test characters and the Heizenbug just keeps… bugging. Neither I nor Dan have been able to pin it down, despite several false starts and dead ends. To feel useful, I think I’ll bang out a few bonus skills from background generation so I can have at least a minor win for the day.

This website is the slowest thing I’ve had to deal with online in a long, long time. It doesn’t get in a hurry, and access to the CMS is pissing me off more than a little. Trying to get to the Dashboard to add new posts like this one takes a full minute from the time I click the link, and it’s no way to build confidence in your services. I’ve already had to rebuild after a hack, and now we’re crawling along when I want to update content on the site. I think it’s time for them to change hamsters in their server.

I’ve been looking over the events for NEA Game Fest 2023 and as of today (Monday 17th, I’ve only sold 8 tickets. I used to get depressed a little bit by this, but I know that lots of people will wander by and sit in. The last event I was scheduled for waaay back in 2019 had moved 29 tickets for just a two-day event. sigh Starting over and rebuilding my brand isn’t terrible, but it isn’t fall-into-my-outstretched-hands easy, either. I’ve lost mindshare in a big way, but if the game is good enough, then I’ll bounce back for sure. I’ve just got to do the work. I also need to get a bunch of new adventures ready because the “classic” ones are getting tired, even to me. I really feel bad for my long-time players that have seen all this to death as I run them over and over again. I need a fresh batch for sure.
Brand new entries for NEAGF this year (I’ll be using that abbreviation to save wear and tear on my keyboard going forward), are “The Panda’s Egg”, “The Souls of the Goblin King” and “The Good Boy”. That last one is stretching it a bit – I’ve had the cover for that one ready for a long time.
Now that I think of it, I need a cover for “The Panda’s Egg” so as I can sell it. Maybe pack it in with the Starter Set as an option.
Oh! The Starter Set! The kind women at Eclectic Geekery will be running a booth at NEAGF, and we’ve agreed to let them try and sell the store copies at the Con. I’ve got to sign a brand new contract to authorize that sale, but that’s not going to be a problem. Things are coming together!

(Pictured: Thursday’s planned adventures!

I’m still waiting on my new hardback (or “Hardbound” if you’re one of those guys) Chronicles of Ember Player’s Guide copies to come in. I’m sure they’re printed and on the way, but I don’t know how to track the shipment. I’ve not gotten an email or anything yet, and I was really super hoping that they would be here in time for the Con. They haven’t shown up today (so far as I know), but I’m hopeful I’ll see them by Wednesday night.

I feel another lesson coming on. I believe this one is “Be prepared”. Thursday is going to be “A Dark and Stormy Knight”, “Frostwind Grotto”, and finally “The Panda’s Egg”, which doesn’t even have a write-up yet. Everything else has something printable and luggable. I should do that before Thursday. How fast can I do this and get 4 hours of playtime out of it? 😀

I love my job.

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