Ember Dev Blog, Part 16

I’m worn out, so this’ll be short.
I’m laying the tracks down in front of the train! I have until bedtime tomorrow to get “The Panda’s Egg” ready for play, but at least I know what I’m doing here to some degree. It’s going to be a dungeon crawl, and I’ve been silly-busy with artwork. Right now the adventure is little more than a smudge, but I’m confident I can run it even in this state. I still want to do monster cards and get some pregen characters rocking, but I’ll let that be tomorrow. It’s late and my eyes itch. A lot. I’ve put up both versions of the “Panda” cover here so you can see what a little color correction can do. 😀
Also, my programming efforts yesterday seem to be a success! I’ve got a new function written that I’m going to source into Mass-IV as a separate file to keep the already bulky program from getting any fatter than it has to. I had no end of fits trying to figure out why it wouldn’t print “(FREE)” next to the free skills you get for backgrounds, and I was almost convinced it was a protected word because that kind of thing happens in certain langauges and OSes. As it turns out there was a sed statement that was looking for – specifically – that string and was pulling it out. I’d forgotten about it and it needs to be there. I solved it by making the output from the new function read “(free)” instead (which would print just fine, and used another sed statement at the end to translate it to all caps.

It’s bedtime. I did a lot of things and I’ll do a lot more of them tomorrow. This is the work part that most people don’t see. I’m so glad my friends are patient.

I love my job.

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