Ember Dev Blog, Part 23!

I’m setting up the store for selling stuff! Kind of. I’ve done preliminary work getting WooCommerce connected to various accounts and I think I can even take money for stuff if I had anything to sell just now. I’m planning to add a bunch of merchandise soon, and I’ll try to have as much of it be drop-shipped as possible (for those that don’t know, it means I take the order and a fulfillment center actually produces and ships the product while I get the money). That’ll have to be finished another day though.
On the development front, I’ve now got physical files for the Player’s Guide, Mine, and Cookie! (A Horror Story) finalized, with a 2nd PG proof on the way. When the others get accepted at the printer’s, I’ll order those proofs as well. It should be any day now, and maybe even tomorrow.
Finally, “A Dark and Stormy Knight” is finally up for free download on THIS VERY WEBSITE! WOO! It came together really quickly as it was already written and waiting on me to punch it up. It was only a few hours of work – three, maybe. And now everyone can enjoy it. I’m considering releasing it on DTRPG either later tonight or some time Sunday. I believe I’ve rewritten every last word of it, but it’s simply not my adventure. Rather, I found a free-to-download copy by the same name released for D&D 3.5 when they used to just give away things like that, and I converted it to the Ember System. I’m not charging for it, and I’m not even putting an SKU on it anywhere. I just want to give people something free to play. Hopefully this won’t wind up getting me in trouble. If it does, I’ll probably get an S&D first, and I’ll yank it immediately if I do.

I’ve been having trouble with a format called PDFx/1-a, because nothing on my machine natively outputs to that, even though Scribus says it does. Right now I’m working on Windows in a VM so I can run InDesign for this purpose. I wish it was native. Things don’t have to be this hard – I’d rather stick to Linux for my day-to-day computing tasks for sure, but Adobe has a fucking stranglehold on the publishing industry to the point of it being a monopoly, so I resist out of principle.

Now I get to make an executive decision – Do I launch directly into “A Giant Pain”, “The Panda’s Egg”, “The Secret of Rotting Willow”, or start blasting out monsters for the Bestiary? Or what about getting that damned Weapons & Armor Guide out the door? Or Dawn? Or Mordain? Or Nanawen? Or Andromar? Or Lokor Province? Or …?
I have no idea. And that’s a problem because I have to have an idea. Well, it isn’t getting done tonight, whatever I choose. I’ll sleep on it and come back fresh tomorrow.

Analysis paralysis is real. I wish someone would tell me what to do so I could tell them to go fuck themselves.

I love my job.

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