Ember Dev Blog, Part 24!

Alphabetized the bestiary entries
Made the Ice Mephit entry for the Bestiary and featured it as the Monster of the Week for this Sunday
I just realized that GenCon got me. The DTRPG folks are traveling and attending the show in Indianapolis, so turnaround on my stuff will be slow. I’ll get there someday.
I either need to clean up my desktop, work like mad getting stuff ready to send to DTRPG, work on the website, or just play video games and call it market research. I’ve got a lot of Tears of the Kingdom to get through…
Mine passed premedia and is available for ordering a proof. Proof ordered. 😀
Finished the Alveschi Odus and Amber Golem.

You don’t have to do a lot of things every day. Just do good things.

I love my job.

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