Ember Dev Blog, Part 29!

Wow. I’ve been slacking. I should post more.
Work on the Bestiary continues apace, and several really interesting monster images have been made. .This week’s Monster of the Week is one of my absolute favorites – the Husk. I love how it turned out! You should be able to click that name and see the entry. Web stuff is hard. For me.
Also, I think I might be done with conventions for the year. I haven’t really looked into them because I’m still a bit sick and not fit for the road just yet, but I’m getting better as fast as I can!

Oh! And pet-peeve #41: Silicon is a rock. Silicone is artificial rubber.

I’m at the halfway point for general creation, but I’ll be doing a punch-up pass once that’s over to add artwork and fix dumb things. Everything is done in passes – I don’t finish a thing to completion on the first crack for several reasons. The primary reason for this is my ideas about what it should look like often change several times through the creative process, and putting a shine on it too early just multiplies the work. The second reason is for good mental health – because of the first reason. I’ve found it looks faster to race through a list several times and feels like more progress has been made rather than to slog and grind my face off making finished (which is actually not so finished), material at a snail’s pace. Weird as it sounds, it’s actually proving to be more economical this way, so it’s how I do it.
Future me will likely have something to say about this.

I like it when people speak English.

I love my job.

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