Ember Dev Blog, Part 30!

I added about 20 weapons to Mass-IV today, and installed the natural weaponry for beastfolk – just not wired up yet.
Wrote some more monsters, until I got to the Living Spell. I wasn’t aware there was a can of worms to open here, much less a barrel. This creature is going to be super complicated. I just hope I can do it right.

It finally happened. I got halfway through with the monster entries – at least the first pass of them – and I don’t want to keep working on it anymore. I’m just tired of doing them for now and I want a break. I knew this would happen, but I just didn’t know when.
I don’t want to tell people too much more about the project for fear of burning them out on it. There is only so much a person can hear about a thing before it becomes commonplace and boring. I’ve been posting Bestiary images and sharing PDFs of works in progress, but maybe I’ve been doing it too frequently. But at least I’m still posting development logs. ^_^

Work will continue, but there’s no deadline to kill myself by.

I love my job.

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