Ember Dev Blog, Part 33!

Once again, I have NO idea what I’m doing. I’m trying to get the layout for this Bestiary in the can, and I’m just not feeling it. I don’t mean that I don’t want to do it, I mean that nothing I do screams “YES!!” to me. At least the pictures are pretty. All I want right now is a big, flashing neon sign that points to a huge rock with an inscription that begins “DO IT THIS WAY AND IT’LL WORK…”
But as far as progress goes, I’ve got more than enough monsters to fill a 400 page book. It’s just how thoroughly they’re going to fill said book that’s got me nervous. I think I can squeeze in 175 entries at the current level of detail, but is that enough? I’m seriously worried about this. At $49.95, that comes to just under thirty cents per monster… if that’s any kind of measure of a book’s value. Maybe I’m definitely for sure overthinking this. Forging ahead. Will advise.

I’ve decided to give the rest of the month of September to working on the Bestiary, and put it away in whatever level of completion it winds up at on October 1st. I’ll then be switching to work on “A Giant Pain”, which is an adventure I’ve had kicking around in a fairly complete state for a few years now. Before Covid, I believe. So many things pull me away.
At any rate, if AGP is in half the condition I think it is, I just might have that ready to publish by Halloween. And now that I’ve said that, it will never happen. LOL. That’s the plan of the moment, anyway. I believe it’ll clock in at 25 pages or so, and that is positively banal compared to MINE. It’s almost feels like a half-assed weekend project. I must’ve leveled up in Scribe or something.

Being a bard is more work than they want you to believe.

I love my job.

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