Ember Dev Blog, Part 32!

I am deep in this Bestiary work. I’ve been trying to come up with a new look for the book, and I’m peeking at the WotC Monster Manuals for the last few editions for inspiration. I have to be careful not to copy any of their stuff, but I can sure be inspired by it. It’s already gotten me a new head about ways and means to get monsters down on paper and lay them out. I’ve gone with a reduced font size overall to save paper (otherwise I was looking at a 600 page book that won’t sell because I’d have to price it so high). Playing with fonts and general card layouts are also a plus, but I have to do it in a clean way that doesn’t look crowded or busy. Maybe that’s the new, cool way to do things, but I’ve never been cool, even when I was new (ahem).
I’ve even done a few goofy things like the Cornfed monster that I shared with my Patreons. Absolutely stupid, that one, but it’s funny. How can you not love a face like this?

Still going. Gotta keep still going.

I love my job.

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