Ember Dev Blog, Part 31!

Did some work on Mass-IV today, getting the spellbook description generator up and running. It’s not great, but it does work for my limited testing here tonight. I showed it to Dan and he immediately felt the need to clean up some of my sloppy code LOL. I’m not even through implementing features, much less optimizing it. Thanks anyway, man. It is neater now.


And the preliminary work for the Bestiary is finally done! I’ve got a file for all the monsters I want to include, but not all the creatures. Layout is also in-flux. But it’s DONE! And by “done” I mean I’ve hit a milestone, so that’s always good.

Also, since I was dinking around, I’ve made a wonderful album cover for a new band from Ember. They’ve got a hot sound and I signed them on Tuesday. And before you ask, yes. The spell on the camera was a bitch.

What’s more, I’ve even monkeyed a new desktop icon because it fit my mood at the time. I guess I’m into whimsy.

Wibbledy Wobbledy Timey Wimey… or some such.

I love my job.

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